About Manang Imee

Gov. Imee R. Marcos

i. Reacquired neglected properties belonging to the province like the Malacanan ti Amianan.

ii. Renegotiated the reduction of the interest rate of the provincial debt saving millions for the people of Ilocos Norte.

iii. Created the Anti Partisan Armed Groups Committee to intensify peace and order campaign in the province.

iv. Created the Provincial Hospital Management Council to improve service in the health sector.

v. Created the Provincial Education Department and the Provincial Information Technology Department.

vi. Released Executive Order 04-01creating the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Office in accordance with UNDP.

vii. Created the Provincial Sports Hub incorporating Rizal Park and Centennial Arena with significant improvement of facilities and services.

viii. Intensively promoted New Agriculture, the cultivation of high value cash crops, in the province and the use of Green Technology in all government projects.

ix. Came up with the Ilocos Norte Tourism Masterplan with Arch. Jun Palafox and is currently implementing Phase One of the project.

x. Doing intensive campaign geared towards llocal and multinational investors for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO’s) to enter the province.

xi. Created the Provincial Task Force on Land Titling to increase and organize the collection of taxes in the province.

xii. Has tapped world famous Ilocano geniuses from here and abroad to help the province like Dr. Arsenio Balisacan a renowned Economist, Dr. Joven Cuanang, Engr. Fel Agustin and Green Architect Michael Guerrero.

xiii. Launched ‘Pasinkedan ti Kinatan-ok ni Ilocano!’ last November 12 2010 as the new vision of the province.
     Congress of the Philippines (1998-2007): 2nd District, Ilocos Norte

       Assistant Minority Floor Leader (August 2004 – December 2005), Commission on Appointments

       Chairperson: Committees on Ethics, Government Corporations & Other Offices, Trade and Industry

       Deputy Majority Leader (2001-2004)

       Chairperson: Public Information and Media Affairs

       Vice- Chairperson: Committees on Appropriations, Higher & Technical Educati

     Batasan Pambansa National Parliament (1983-1986): 2nd District, Ilocos Norte

       Majority Member of Parliament
Youth Leader

     Founding Chairperson (1986): Kabataang Barangay Youth Foundation

       Publisher / Writer of magazines such as “Metro” and educational and other comic books for teens and pre-teens

     Daily Columnist (2004-present): Bulgar (largest daily paper in the Philippines)

       Host (2003-2004): Women’s Show, DZBB (#1 AM radio in Manila area)

       Co-Host (2003-present): News Shows DWIC and DZEC

       Co-Host (2003-present): Cable News, Channel 23


Post Graduate

     Executive Courses
     University of Chicago, Singapore

     Bachelor of Law, University of the Philippines College of Law, cum laude

     Diploma in Management and Business Administration
     Asian Institute of Management, Paseo de Roxas, Makati

     Graduate Studies in English, Theater and Theology, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA

     Graduate Studies in History, Anthropology and Politics, University of the Philippines

University Degree

     Bachelor of Arts: Independent Major in Religion and Politics
     Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, with high honors


     Santa Catalina Convent, Monterey California, USA:
     With high honors and advance placement in English, Math and Theology

     American Academy of Music and the Dramatic Arts: With distinction

     The American International School, Makati, Philippines

     Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, Mayfield, Sussex, England, UK:Class Valedictorian

     London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, with distinction


     Grades 5-8, Assumption Convent, Herran, Manila, first Honors

     Kindergarten-Grade 4, Institucion Teresiana, in Spanish (presently Poveda Learning Centre), first honors